How to Get Your CDL Truck License and find a job without Trucking School

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There is no way around it.  This is why truck drivers have been working steady throughout the great recession or whatever they call it while so many other industries in America have dried up.

Even after the manufacturing jobs left America the Truck Drivers were are busy hauling loads. All the Truckers may have done is switch to a different type of freight.  This is also one of the coolest benefits of the trucking industry, flexibility.  What do you want to haul?  


If you are looking for a job in trucking I can help you get on with one of the top companies in the country.  The regional and nationwide trucking companies below are looking for drivers right now.  Click any link below to read my review of each particular company.  If you have any questions please be sure to post a comment and I’ll personally follow up with you.  I want to help you find a job and I want you to let me know if I helped make your job search easier.  I spent lots of time researching and verifying these positions your feedback is very valuable and greatly appreciated.




If you don’t have your CDL yet or if you want advice on what you should do in order to get hired by a top company subscribe now and get the free report the TRUTH ABOUT TRUCKING what the big trucking and training companies don’t want you to know.

This guide will help you understand:

  1. What is the deciding factor for you to get hired by an A rated trucking company.
  2. What to watch out for even from trusted companies.
  3. How to get hired right away even if you just got your CDL.
  • and much more.



What the Big Companies Don't Want you to know.

Watch This

Are you worried or frustrated about finding a career that will put you and your family in a better position?  Watch this before you loose it.  You will make it you just need a plan.  You don’t need thousands of dollars to pay for truck driver training either.  Find out what I recommend you should do with that money instead.

I started this website because I wanted to share what I learned in my journey from nothing to a fully authorized independent trucking company.  When I started out I was just like you.  I didn’t have a CDL and I didn’t know what to do, I was also very stressed out.  Trust me, I understand how you’re feeling.

Register you email for FREE and get  the straight to the point strategy you’ll need to enter this industry in a way that will gain you respect and longevity:

  • Know WHY you will be looked at differently as a new driver and what you can do to immediately turn the tables.
  • QUID PRO QUO?  NO.  Learn the one technique that I used over and over again to get exactly what I wanted and needed.
  • How to have multiple trucking companies waiting to hire you.

My story is 100% real and I stand behind it.  It was extremely difficult for me to get to this point and I’m more than happy to help you do the same.  If you have any questions or doubts please post questions and we can have a discussion on the blog.  The only thing you have to loose is your excuse.

Now it’s your move, what you gone’ do?

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If you are a truck driver recruiter or a trucking company looking for a reliable source of qualified drivers please contact me below.  I am all about helping people find the best position for themselves and that’s all about high quality options.  The more the merrier.  If your company has a good safety record and steady clean freight please leave your contact info below and I’ll follow up with you within 24 hours.  Thanks.

30 Responses to How to Get Your CDL Truck License and find a job without Trucking School

    • Hey Boris, thanks for stopping by check out the home page there are 20+ top companies in the country hiring right now that I have reviewed there. Check out each one and Let me know how it goes for you good luck. 1

    • Hey Matt I think the steps I used would work for you also.

      If you can check out the ebook and I explain exactly how I got multiple trucking companies to offer me a job even before I finished getting my CDL.

      Companies were like, hey man as soon as you are ready come on over and we’ll put you to work. When I finally got my CDL it was my choice I wasn’t begging for a job.

      You have to first BELIEVE and EXPECT what YOU WANT TO HAPPEN WILL HAPPEN.

      This is what I did I bet it would work for you too. That’s why I built this website. Let me know how it goes good luck.

  1. I am a school bus driver (of ten years)with a class B license (p & s endorsements) and at the age of 39 I have realized that 16 grand a year is not enough for my family of three to make it. I ready for a change but not sure how to do it. Where to start?

    • Hey Richard. First step is to get your Class A CDL this will give you the most options to get paid.
      You can get your CDL without driving school check out my ebook let me know if you have any questions.

  2. In school at this time will grauduate in a week are there companies that hire CDL driver with 3rd degree retail fraud on record (non reporting probation)one year.

  3. I live in FL. and want to go back driving but no one will hire me cuz i dont have my seat time in the last three years but i drive on and off for my lob now anyone know any local company’s that will help I have a clean CDLA and no criminal back ground!!!! Rick

  4. Took over 10 yrs to realize that my career path has cost me more than money. Attended truckin school in ’90 just on the off chance I could fall back on driving. I drove locally for the ranching community. I know I need more than temporary work.

  5. Drove in the military and as older person would like to get into trucking and adjust without the expense of and not cut self short and not have rough road of hard knocks while return to adjust to life in trucking.

  6. hi darnell jackson im 49 years old the last time that when i was driving a truck i was 41 its been a long time but i’m planing to move in orlando fl. i got my heavy lic here in puerto rico do i have to take school test again or refresh how is my driving or could i change to cdl

  7. I just recently started my own company, and would appreciate some advice on gitting some loads in the new england area…

  8. Looking to enter industry with Class B CDL (need an upgrade – I know). Want and need to work. Actually enjoy driving, but have never handled stick. A little help, please…

  9. Helo, I’m trying to get a truck driver job. I do have a Class B CDL, but im getting my combination permit.


  10. I am looking for a job in the se fl,ga nc,sc area.i currently drive for pepsi but need more to be home on the weekends.

  11. Hello, i have a question, on how to find a truck for CdL road test. I got my class A permit, now i need a truck, and an advice please how to get hired without experience ? Thank you.

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