Get your CDL the Smart way.

The Top 3 facts you may not know about Commercial Trucking:

1. You don’t have to go to an expensive trucking school to get your CDL.

Trucking schools charge an amazing amount of money to pay their trainers and maintain their trucks and pay taxes on their property and pay for advertising and pay for fuel and pay for secretaries and pay for phone service and pay for lawn care and everything else.  Do you you have enough money to pay for all of this?  If you don’t they they will likely offer you a loan and tell you how EASY it is to pay.  I always wondered if it is so easy to pay why don’t you pay it then?

2. You can earn your CDL commercial drivers license learning permit online.

I will explain to you in detail how I earned my commercial drivers license step by step.  You don’t have to go hook, line, and sinker for the big fancy commercials.  They are painting a rosy picture for a reason.  You have talents you have options.  This is your life not just another sale for the commercial trucking school recruiter. 


3. You don’t need commercial trucking schools to find a great job trucking.

All you need is to be yourself and be prepared.  Use the plan that I proved works.  I’ll explain in detail how I had multiple job offers waiting  when I left the DMV with my brand new CDL.  It is amazing the results you get when you simply know what to do.  Its funny how difficult things seem easy when you know what your doing.  The trucking companies want you to believe they will help you, if they do they charge you an arm and a leg for it, and charge INTEREST.  Is that the kinda help you need?

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  • CLASS A CDL Permit.  How to pass the CDL written test and get your CDL learning permit fast.  This will allow you to legally start driving and allow you to legally practice and prepare for your pre-trip inspection and road test.  “Don’t get caught driving without one.  You may not get a warning from DOT like I heard you can.”   ; – )
  • CLASS A CDL – ENDORSEMENTS. Specialization is where the money is.  Learn what you need to do in order to get the qualification you need to be successful.  There is no question about it I recommend you get all the endorsements at once so you don’t have to worry about it later.  Use my technique and pass on the first sitting.
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Double / TripleTank Vehicles
    • Passenger
    • School Bus
  • CLASS B/C CDL.  I explain in detail why I recommend you qualify for the full commercial drivers license the CLASS A CDL with all endorsements.  Why?  Well if you are going to go through the pain of the testing process may as well do it once and be done with it. That way you can respond to any job and know you are qualified.   Learn how register now.

Tired of wondering, how can I get a truck license?