BOGO – Buy One Get One Free.

This offer is revolutionizing the industry.  For a limited time, when you buy any  BOGO item from the store you get the premium eBook and video training series included – FREE.  This special offer saves you 20% OFF the regularly marked price.




- Choose the colors, sizes, and, delivery options.

- Look for the items marked BOGO to get the eBook special offer.





2. GET Premium eBook and Video Training Series included – No extra charge:

Get Licensed.  How-to get your CDL The Smart Way.

Go Independent. How-to start a Trucking company The Smart Way.






1. Make Purchase above

2. Send email with receipt #number to BOGO <at> – Include in the subject “BOGO EBOOK”

*NOTE:  You will be automatically sent your ebook after purchase you only need to follow these steps if you haven’t received it for some reason.


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I Did it and YOU can too:

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