CDL Drivers out West go on STRIKE

Ha haaaaa!!!

Finally someone has the balls to tell these idiots to take their low paying high risk jobs and shove it.

A CDL driver is handling amazing risk to the public and should be paid accordingly when they don’t want to negotiate and offer reasonable pay you have a right to strike.

This will let cooler heads prevail.

Read the full AP story here: 



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2 Responses to CDL Drivers out West go on STRIKE

  1. I recently started driving for kllm I drove 5000 miles in 8 days I spent 4 thousand dollars in fuel net at 7000 job is high risk and I was so fatigued thinking I was going to see a payday made only 2500 after expenses dispatcher act like I done really good I felt like punching someone I want to be independent just worried about being legal loads being turn away who to trust I dont t own a truck leasing 6000 in on a 95000 lease this place sucks can your eboo help someone like me

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