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If you can drive a truck and you’re looking for a job you came to the right place.  On this page you’ll find the latest job openings with top commercial truck companies for free.  If you are looking for  a position  with the best commercial truck companies you need to be prepared to interview and go to work on day one.  This page provides contact details for positions and additional information.  #Note:  Specific  details and contact info can be sent to you directly via email.  I work hard to provide the latest real career opportunities.  Thank you for reading & subscribing. (Share with friends & family)


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Featured Commercial Trucking Companies:

  • Have positions open available for immediate hire.  Submit your email and you will receive direct contact information NO THIRD PARTY YOU DEAL WITH THE HIRING COMPANY.  DO NOT SEND US YOUR RESUME SEND IT TO THE HIRING COMPANY.  We will email you their contact details.
  • Are willing to train new drivers, warehouse workers, and office staff in many cases.  Experience however is rewarded in terms of hourly pay.  Other compensation or performance/safety bonuses are available on a case by case basis.
  • Provide some benefits on case by case basis.  Many of the drivers offer the employees options after a certain amount of time working. Ex 6 months, etc.
  • Have offices or warehouses in multiple states in many cases so there could be jobs available that require some relocation.
  • Require all drivers to travel as a part of making deliveries.   Hottest opportunity is over the road, second is regional, third is local.
  • Will not tolerate drug use.  You will be tested do not apply if you use drugs or have a DUI problem.

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Commercial Trucking Companies – Things to know:

  1. Are core businesses in the transportation industry.  This is one of the most regulated industries in the United States.  The independently owned and small businesses that we deal with are in the business of transporting goods and materials via class A commercial truck or smaller.  Some companies offer courier opportunities where you can deliver small boxes or packages.
  2. Need reliable flexible people.  This opens up more opportunities.  The more things you can and are willing to do the more that can be done.  Companies make money off of what they do so being productive means profit and income for the commercial truck company and you.
  3. Value Safety.  If you have a proven track record of safe driving this is a bonus.  If you have had an issue in in the past the older the incident the better.  I recommend you disclose this up front do not let the company find out when they pull a copy of your driving record.  They will check and if you didn’t tell them about an accident you have they take it like your are not being honest with them.  This is not the impression you want to make.  Go ahead and disclose right up front what happened with any accidents that could be found on your driving record.  If your not sure go down to the DMV and get a copy of your driving record.  Write an explanation letter and keep them together this will help you with employers in the future regardless.
  4. Value Certifications.  If you have or can qualify for a TWIC Transportation Worker Identification Card then this will allow you to get onto the ports to make deliveries and pick ups.  There are tons of loads available at the port also there are offices at the port as well that require all the employees to have a TWIC card.  You must be able to pass a background check.  Any other state, local, or federal certifications will help you in the process.
  5. Admire veterans.  Typically commercial truck companies reflect positively on people who have served in the armed forces.  If you are a veteran be sure to indicate this on your application.


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FACT.  Commercial Trucking Companies are hiring.

> General Driver Job Description:

Operates a truck that transports goods and materials to and from scheduled locations. Weight of truck is based on driver license qualification. Class A preferred.  Driver will prepare, receive and provide appropriate documentation for the delivery or loading of goods or materials to ensure on time service.  May be required to secure cargo.  Driver will maintain radio or telephone contact with dispatch to receive delivery or pick up information or to receive notice of updates or changes in scheduled delivery or pick up. Driver will maintain logs of travel and cargo according to federal DOT and state regulations. Must be licensed to operate a truck.  Must have a “satisfactory” driving record.

Updated Commercial Trucking Job Postings

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