Commercial Truck Insurance

The industry that is growing at a rate equal to or faster than transportation itself Commercial Truck Insurance.  The right agent knows how to find the best discounts truckers.  I recommend any truck driver get a quote from an insurance company before you apply for a job.   *Know if you can be covered be fore you apply to a trucking company.  Get your status first.  Companies will get a copy of your driving record.  If there are any issues at least you will know that you can be insured to drive.  (Can make a big difference it did in my experience.).


Commercial Truck Insurance facts:

  • Risk is the name of the game.  The fewer accidents and violations on your license the better.  You can benefit the most from having a clean driving record. It proves your professionalism and motivates people to trust you as well as consider you for an open position.
  • Rates don’t always go up anymore.  These days you can get discounts for having no accidents or violations so one year later your rates could be lower.
  • Trucking companies screen applicants based on their ability to be insured. Get a quote first.

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One of the trucking industries dirty little secrets is the fact that commercial truck insurance is really in charge of the industry.  I recommend anyone looking to get a job driving a truck to do the following first:

  • Get pre-qualified with an insurance company. There may be a few sponsored links on this page, I recommend new drivers contact top rated insurance companies and see if they are insurable.  There is no charge for a quote its free.
  • Get a copy of your approval from an insurance company and include this with your application.  This will remove doubt with the employer that you are insurable or not.
  • Only use top quality insurance companies.  The trucking companies that you would want to work for only use the A+ rated big name insurance companies. So you might as well contact them up front it saves time and shows that you are prepared.

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