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Got your CDL?  Looking for a better opportunity in trucking? You came to the right place.  If you don’t have your CDL yet I can help you get licensed the smart way.

I got my start trucking in Florida and I have always enjoyed running around the Sunshine State.  There is no where like this wonderful place.  Florida is chocked full of opportunities for new and experienced truck drivers.  I’ll help you find a great company today with a proven track record.  The sky’s the limit.

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Most Popular Loads in Central Florida Commercial Trucking:

Flatbed Truck loads.  45′, 48′, and some 53′ foot trailers.  The most popular commodities for flatbed loads in Florida are:  Lumber, Logs, Poles, Plywood, Steel framing, Steel beams, Steel rebar, Steel plates, Aluminum ingots, Aluminum bars, Crushed Automobiles, Scrap computers, insulation, construction materials, tractors and equipment for construction, tools and other equipment.

Step Deck:  Trailers have more versatility than standard flatbeds because of the lower step. This allows for taller loads.  Step decks trailers can also deliver 99% of the loads that you can with a standard flatbed but with a lower clearance.

Removable Goose Neck:  Trailers are for specialized experienced truckers.  These loads can be extra heavy and over wide.  These specialty loads pay much more than standard frieght due to the special loading process.  Must know what your doing to mess around with a goose neck.

Tanker:  Liquid bulk loads are popular for truckers who love to get in and get out on a regular schedule with no delays getting loaded or unloaded.  The fluid guys can typically hook up the hoses themselves and load or unload their loads.  This is the advantage.  Many of the loads are HAZMAT so you will have to have this endorsement.

Dry Van:  Standard freight is very popular all over Florida.  This is the type of freight most truckers will get their start with.  Some headaches waiting to get loaded or unloaded but besides that its very steady.

Reefer:   Refrigerated food truckloads are going to be popular where ever there are people.  These loads will never stop coming as long as we are around.  The only issue here is knowing how to keep the load at the proper temperature setting.  A mistake here can be very costly.

Inter-modal:  Florida is not just a beautiful peninsula it is a haven for port business and that means inter-modal containers.  You need to understand the ins and outs of dealing with port containers new drivers are exposed to these many times when starting out there is plenty of port freight to keep you busy.

New/Used Car Carriers:   These guys make the money and the run hard. There are lots of cars on the trailer but in terms of trucking these are relatively light loads.  You need to know what you’re doing but the pay is worth it.


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