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I have always loved big rigs, trucks, and trucking.  It’s something I grew up around and have always enjoyed.  I help people get their CDL license the smart way and go trucking without debt.  I have great relationships in the industry so I am able to help people find jobs with the top trucking companies.  New or experienced.

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The one thing commercial trucking companies need more than anything else is a reliable driver.  If  you have a past that includes committing a crime in a commercial vehicle then your odds of getting hired are very low.  Insurance costs make taking crazy risks impossible for any successful trucking company.

5 Things you need to know about the best Commercial Trucking Companies:

  1. They take care of drivers.  This is something that foolish trucking companies don’t understand.  If you take care of the truck then it will take care of you. If you take care of the driver then they will take care of your business.
  2. They have plenty freight.  Successful trucking companies have already negotiated rates with the biggest shippers and manufacturers around. This will keep you moving when you get ready to go.  Successful companies know parked trucks don’t pay bills.
  3. They use top quality equipment.  This makes a huge difference in your life when you’re out on the road trucking hard.  You don’t want to worry about some issue with your equpment. The top trucking companies buy new trucks and replace them on a regular schedule.
  4. They reward performance.  Pay to play is one way to look at it.  The top trucking companies know what side their bread is buttered so they share the wealth with the drivers via performance and safety bonuses.  Check out new positions on this page with sign on bonuses.
  5. They respect your home time and family concerns.  You cain’t deliver all the loads and your family does miss and need you. It is important it’s why you’re in the truck in the first place.  The top commercial trucking companies understand and promote this fact.

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