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I got my start trucking in NoFL and I think its a great place to make a good living with a truck.  I have great relationships so I can find the jobs that you are looking for fast.  Don’t have a CDL?  I can help you earn yours the smart way.

The more versatile your experience the better your chances are of making the big bucks in specialized trucking.   If you are new and just got your CDL then you can find a great job too.  Attitude makes the biggest difference.  Register now for free jop alerts 100% spam-FREE:

3 Reasons Trucking is good in North East Florida

Location, Location, Location.  Jacksonville, FL is the heart of the north east Florida quadrant and the location for logistics is ideal.   Jacksonville sits literally at the end of I-10 and is the last major stop on I-95 before getting to Miami.  The entire southeastern United States is in a day trip from Jacksonville so this is what makes the industry so strong in this area.  No signs of if slowing down either.

Ports.  The great Florida Peninsula is a hot bed for traffic to and from ports. The economy has been going in another direction recently but this hasn’t changed what truckers have been doing.  The United States is not the big manufacture it used to be so the deliveries to the ports are raw materials and the pick ups are the manufactured goods coming from, well CHINA.    It is what it is LOAD it, lets MOVE IT.

Weather.  Northeast Florida is great for weather if you can stand the summer heat.  If you are a bit overweight then you probably hate the summers here they are harder to deal with when your carrying around an extra fifty or sixty pounds or more.  However its much better than dealing with the snow, ice, and salt from the north.    The biggest concern is knowing how to slow it down when the thunder storms show up.


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