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Thanks for visiting today.  On this page you can find the best information on new trucking jobs available in West Central Florida.  I get the 411 on the best trucking jobs available with the TOP companies and share them here for free.

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The Tampa Bay and West Central Florida area is perfectly located for efficient trucking logistics.  This is why so many of the top trucking companies operate here.  The South east region of the United States is Anchored by Florida Freight.  No business can operate without regular deliveries of inventory and materials.  No inventory or materials will arrive without a truck and a driver.

The feedback I receive from the recruiters looking for drivers is consistent.  The Top Trucking companies focus on the following before making a decision on hiring a new driver:

1. Background. If you have a questionable past then this could eliminate you from consideration for a driver job. If you have been arrested or have a criminal history it is always best to disclose this upfront.  If you don’t; it will be found out and they will treat you like you lied to them because you didn’t tell them up front.

2. References.  You need to have people who are respected members of the community willing and able to vouch for you.  Rather they are speaking to your driving history or just referencing your consistency or responsibility from other jobs.  Get people in your corner that people respect.

3. Attitude.  Your attitude actually does affect your altitude.  If you have a bad one you will not get that high up the trucking ladder. This is the best way I can put this. Don’t think that anyone has time to deal with your moody, childish, immature ways of dealing with typical adult situations.  Grow up or don’t waste your time applying with top trucking companies.  They will fire you eventually.




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