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In Trucking its not always what you do its how you do it.  Make sure your career is enjoyable like it should be by following the advise in my eBook.  On this page you can find the best Trucking Job opportunities and discussion available. Enter your email address below for new trucking job updates.  New job alerts are sent out twice a week.  Increase your options and your pay.


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9 Responses to Go Trucking The Smart Way.

  1. hello i have my cdl permit and i am trying to get me a truck driving job that will train me i have look into the schools and even went to one they just threw me in a truck and had me doing straight line backing but no one realy training me

  2. I am seeking work and would like to get emails sent to me pertaining work that I may apply myself to. I have my cdl license and been driving for 15 years. I am seeking more work to increase my pay.

  3. I want to get my CDL and make OTR my career. . But I’m horrible at learning from a book and tests, I’m more hands on with learning.. how can i find a driver willing to show my the ropes??

  4. HELLO: I like ur site, I have not drove for a few years now,as I am also a licensed auto and truck mechanic and have been running a shop ,but Im tired of twisting a wrench, I went in and took the dot physical and passed, then I took the passenger, combination, triples, tanker and hazmat, and the drivers test and airbrake test scoring high on all test, the problem that seems to be most prevelant is that companies no longer trust ur license or ability, but wish to sell you a refresher course or a CDL course,if you dont have recent experience within 3yrs ,before they let you drive there rigs,or even consider you, I have driven 18wheelers,19 yd dumps,tractors,large frontend loaders, bobcatloaders,large farm tractors,and have a clean MVR would like to hear from you !

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