How to get prepared for your next truck driving job.

Making the decision to stick with trucking was a good one.

Now you’re ready to find your next gig.

Or maybe it’s your first driving job ever.

Either way where you’re headed will be a brand new experience for you just the same.


Here’s the steps that you need to take before you apply for your next trucking job:

1. Get updated documents and credentials.

  1. Get an updated COMPLETE copy of your driving record. Just go visit your friendly drivers license office or DMV.
    • If you have any accidents or tickets include a letter explaining what happen and include copies with all the details from the accident or ticket.
  2. Get an updated medical id card.  Go visit your doctor or stop by the clinic and get your annual DOT physical to renew your medical id card.
  3. Get a fresh copy of your criminal background check. You can get one from your local police station for about $5.
    • If you have convictions or other issues with your record be sure to include a written letter explaining the situation.
  4. Get updated letters of recommendation.  Reach out to your best contacts and ask them to write a letter of recommendation or you write one and have them sign it.  Either way get your letters of recommendation updated.
  5. Get your list of previous employers together.  “A” rated trucking companies will call your previous employers to verify so make sure you double check your information.
  6. Update your resume.  If you don’t have one get one or hire someone on craigslist to write one for you.

2. Put your best foot forward.

  1. Bring your best attitude to your job search.  There is no doubt about it attitude affects altitude.  Instead of thinking negative thoughts about your situation fill up every waking moment of your time by taking action.
  2. Take care of yourself.  Now you have time to workout I don’t want to hear that bull excuse anymore.  Get your body moving and do it regularly.  You’ll feel better, have more energy, and look better too.  Which will make you feel better which others will notice which will help you get a job.
  3. Put the E in Effort.  As in take Every single opportunity to get a job like it’s the last and only position left on Earth.  No, I’m not saying you should beg or come off as desperate.  NEVER DO THAT.  What I’m talking about is being prepared, rested, focus, and ready to make it happen.  Remember it’s THINK, DO, BE.  It starts with your head.
  4. Get safety boots for the job.  Some positions may require you to have steal toe boots.  Even though you may rarely if ever use them you could be required to have a pair. Also get any other items you feel you’l need ahead of time. 

3.  Take action

  1. Now it’s time to be persistent relentless about finding a job.  Focus on quality when you submit applications not quantity.  Remember, take each app you fill out like it’s your last shot in the world at getting paid.  Don’t worry about how MANY applications you fill out focus on how well you complete the applications and stay active until you get a job offer worth accepting.
  2. Follow up.  Make a list of the companies that you are applying to.  After a few weeks have passed it’s a good idea to follow up and check the status of your application.  Some times you may have to resubmit your application, etc.  
  3. Feedback.  No one who applies to 10 positions will get 10 offers.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Use the feedback you get to make your next application that much better.  The company will usually give you some feedback as to why you didn’t get an offer.  This is your opportunity to improve.

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