My Story

Thank God for my Grandmother, “Mother” and my Grandfather “POW“.  Thanks to them, I have always had the chance to be around trucks and trucking.

My Grandfather was one of the first black owner-operators in Florida.  He was smart enough to listen to my Grandmother who advised him to “own his keep” and go Independent.

At one point my Grandfather had multiple trucks and drivers working for him covering routes from Windsor, Ontario to Miami, Florida on a regular basis.

After graduating from college I got tired of corporate america and started a real estate company.  When the market crashed I was looking for something as reliable as real estate so I decided to try the family business, Trucking.  Thanks for the idea “Unc”.

Using the last dime in my pocket I bought my truck, The Senator.  I spent the summer and fall renovating the truck and learning how to drive it.  I finally received my commercial drivers license that December as an early Christmas present to end out a year of dramatic challenge and accomplishment.

In the process I learned tons about what it takes to be a truck driver.  From getting my CDL to what it takes to get my truck  ready for the road and authorized by the DOT.

I also learned how to get multiple job offers from trucking companies who were more than willing to have me on their team.  I proved that you can go to work immediately after getting your truck license with no delay required.  I explain exactly why and how I did this in my eBook.

Finally, I did what any red blooded American would I went Independent and drove for myself.  It truly is an amazing feeling.

Check Out my Truck, “The Senator”

I created this website as a resource to fill the gap of quality information on trucking available.  I was disappointed that there wasn’t more detailed info on what it really takes to pass the CDL test.  All I could ever find on YouTube was a bunch of generic info or trucking schools trying to get paid.  I wrote this eBook to help people get their license the smart way, you don’t have to pay all that crazy money, or go into debt up to your eyebrows.  There is a better way.

I’ll show you how I did it.  I got my CDL license and you can too.

What the Big Companies Don't Want you to know.Check out the Free Report.

The Truth about Trucking: What the big companies don’t want you to know.



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