Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee and the Celebration of Stupidity.

What happened where all of a sudden Americans are supposed to give a flying snot what is happening with the UK’s so called Queen?

Is is just me or has this thing gone too far?

WTF is a Diamond Jubilee and why should I care anyway?

Well a quick check of Wikipedia will tell you that the Diamond Jubiliee is a special kind of Jubiliee.  It not only sounds stupid it is stupid.

Why such harsh words?  Well you have to truely be stupid to accept rule by one family for seventy five years.  This is about as un American as it gets.  So un American that’s part of the reason the founders of this country left and headed west for a new way of life based on Freedom and Liberty.

Meanwhile after loosing the Revolutionary War to force the new American republic to pay taxes these people are still putting on the same clown show.   Its like a never ending series of a Broadway play.   Subtract the great music though.  The sad thing is how hard people are sucking up to them on TV its fake as a three dollar bill. (The one with Billy Clinton on it.)

This really is a sad day when people with all the gadgets and smart phones still can’t see what is happening right in front of their face.  History is filled with people who declared themselves the King, the queen, or the supreme leader of this or that.  Time always prooves them wrong what is the difference here?  These fancy costumes and uber-posh regalia mean exactly what?

Remind me again what these people have done to deserve so much worship?  There are billions of people starving for food if these people are truely important then they could solve that problem instead of being connected in one way or another to half of the scandals and atrocities this world has seen.  I say fart on the queen and her Jubilee, God Bless America.


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