What every Truck Driver Needs, Wants and Has to Have.

This page is dedicated to helping truck drivers get the stuff they need to do the job they love.  This page is a resource for people who care about a truck driver and want to get them something to show them love.

Months of careful research have went into figuring out what products to list on this page.  If you have something that you would like to recommend please let me know.

Experienced Truck drivers categorize their wants and needs in two ways really:

Creature comforts


Truck accessories. 

This page won’t get into truck MAINTENANCE items.  That is the pain in the NECK that truck drivers HAVE to deal with or face severe consequences like a broke down truck or a ticket for a failed inspection by our friendly DOT “servants”.

This page is all about the things that a truck driver really wants, needs, and deserves.  No responsible truck driver anywhere in the world should go without the items I recommended on this page.

If you are looking for a great gift for a truck driver then you have come to the right place.  You’re favorite truck driver will be absolutely delighted with their gift.  You’ll get the enjoyment of seeing the smiles on their face and the reaction they’ll have to your surprise.

There’s a couple of ways I recommend giving a gift to a truck driver:

  1. Right away when they come in off the road.
  2. Hide the gift if you can in their truck and then tell them about it when they are already out on the road.

Trust me it will be a pleasant surprise and it really makes someone feel like they are appreciated.  Do this for MAXIMUM impact.



These are the top products I recommend for the driver.  Don’t ask me why but truck drivers tend to put the truck before themselves.  It makes sense ya know, the truck pays the bills but here on I put the driver first.  Here are the top creature comforts:

Clothing:  I recommend that you get the truck driver in your life a good pair of jeans.  They will appreciate you for that purchase.  I recommend LEVI’s for now but that may change because they don’t make anything actually in the USA anymore.

Clothing – Rain suit:  Truck drivers that don’t have a high quality breathable rain suite are missing out on what comfort and convenience is all about.  I used to put on my rain suit and water boots and just stand out in the rain on purpose some times it didn’t bother me one bit.  Why? I had the right gear on for the job.

Shoes:  Truck drivers need three pairs of shoes to really do the job.

  1. Tennis Shoes.  One a good pair of comfortable tennis shoes that will keep their feet out of small puddles when they are around the truck.  There is noting more irritating then driving a truck with cold wet feet.  I recommend the Nike Shox because they keep the foot elevated a little off the ground.
  2. Work boots:  This can be optional depending on the types of loads your favorite truck driver hauls.  Some places require truck drivers to have steal toe boots.  I haven’t seen this become too big an issue but on construction jobs it can be.  Every truck driver may not wear their work boots but every truck drivers should have a good pair of durable work boots.  I recommend the redwings because of their reputation for quality and reliabitlity can’t negotiate there.
  3. Rain boots:  Don’t spend more than $50 for a good pair of 100% waterproof boots.  Sometimes it rains like a tsunami and you need these to keep dry.  Its hilarious seeing drivers out in the rain unprepared.  Hook your favorite trucker up.

Luggage:  Buying that beloved truck driver in your life some luggage will be a good option as well.  Don’t get anything too big or bulky though Truck drivers need something that can hold and secure all their stuff that’s durable and won’t tear up or get soaking wet if its raining while they are going out to the truck.

Organization:  Truck drivers are most anoyed when they can’t find something so help them prevent that problem by helping them stay organized. Get them a file organizer so they can stash all their important documents like bill of laden copies, weight reciepts, etc.

Electronics Cell phone:  I recommend you get your favorite truck drive a pre paid phone as a gift and here’s why.  You never know.  You just never know what is going to happen and where you might end up out on the road so it is best to have a back up phone that they can use to charge with minutes if they need to.

Electronics Camera:  No, I’m not talking about a cheap digital camera.  They should already have one of those in the truck just for taking pictures of loads, etc.  If you don’t have a cheapie get this one.  I recommend you get the favorite trucker in your life an awesome camera because really and truely truck drivers come across some of the most amazing sights on a daily basis. The photos that they can snap could be worth a fortune.

Electronics tablet:  Personally, I’m not a big fan of the tablets but some people rave about them.  If your favorite truck driver has been talking about a tablet then get them one the androids because its the best value.  I wouldn’t recommend the apple products unless you like spending money.

Electronics book reader:  I’m also not a huge fan of the eBook platform in my opinion it requires you to need electricity to read which is not progress people used to read before we had electricity.  Anyway if your favorite trucker has been talking about how bad they want one then get them a Kindle.  See it’s name is even kind of weird kindle as in fire ie burning books.

Electronics Laptop:  A good laptop is what I recommend for the favorite trucker in your life.  The will get everything they need in one bundle without having to remember if they brought all the chargers for all of the other devices.  Save time and money one and done.   Add a wireless network card from your favorite cell phone provider and now they have internet access nationwide.



Experienced truck drivers who own their own truck like to fix them up with stuff to make them look a little bit sharper.  They also like to add functionality and convenience.  Here are the top accessories for the Truck:

Truck Refridgerator:  The favorite truck driver in your life will eventually get tired of running back and forth getting ice for that cooler.  Upgrade their lifestyle to a mini fridge, they will love you later.

Electronics Communication/navigation:  The truth is its modern trucking time.  My heart goes out to all the old timers and they are right about most things.  However, so much has changed and you can’t just run around the country hoping you don’t get lost.  That is a guaranteed recipe for disaster.  Never forget professionals use the right tools for the job amatures try to change alternators with a pair of pliers  and wonder why the bolts get stripped out.

Electronics audio:  Your favorite truck driver may not tell you this but we all sing while we are out driving on the road.  Eventually our favorite song comes on and we just tend to lean into it even worse than people are known to do in showers.  Help your favorite trucker get their American Idol on properly with a decent radio.

Electronics CB radio:  I’ll never forget the time that it took me 8 hours to go 90 miles.  I was delivering a load just 45 miles south of town and I didn’t know a hazardous spill had just happen a mile or so outside of town.  I got caught up in it on I-95 and it took me all night to get through.  I didn’t know what was going on because I didn’t have a CB.  I didn’t have a way to talk to the other truckers who would have warned me to stay away from the area.   Don’t forget the antennea.



Which one to buy creature comfort or truck accessories?  Well that depends on the trucker.  If this is a surprise gift then you have to listen to what you hear them talking about.  Do you hear them complaining about what doesn’t work or do you remember them saying they wish they had?  This is easier for electronic items.  You’ll probably hear them saying, “the dang radio keeps going out on me.”  This is your clue. However when in doubt buy something for the driver.  Truckers are very predictable, they never ever want to prioritize themselves so other people like you have to do this for them sometimes.  Hey, that’s why you’re getting them the gift in the first place right?





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