The Paycheck Fairness Act and the Law of Stupidity

The stupidity power brokers are at it again in Washington DC.  This time these morons are proposing a law called the paycheck fairness act.  The point of the bill proposed by Democrats a few years ago and supported by Republicans Susan Collins, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Lisa Murkowski and Olympia Snowe is supposed to help address paycheck discrimination between women and men.

The bill does nothing to offset the fact that company pay is a confidential matter.  If a female employee suspects pay discrimination she would have to determine how much she is making compared to her counterparts.  Her peers would have to share this private and personal information with her.  The problem is both of them are violating company policy when they do so.

Why is this so idiotic?

Well if you suspect some employer of paying you less money because of your sex then you can file a law suit.  This is all you have to do inorder to start a process that will bring the facts out.  Now I’m not a lawyer but this is common sense and may seem like amazing professional advise but its just something you come to understand after being in business a few years.  The judge has the power to request the documents to prove or disprove your claim.

That doesn’t stop congress from taking time to debate this issue that has already been settled in equal employment laws already on the books.  Their stupidity is always finding a way to waste more money and time by passing more laws on top of the old ones.

No one wants women to earn less than they should but they are already protected under law against pay discrimination.  The best word to describe this congress is idiotic.  Americans need to pay attention to what these morons are doing with our money.


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