Top Commercial Truck Companies

Now hiring new and experienced drivers.

This is a simple fact.  The top performing trucking companies will always need drivers because they have all the freight.  They also have the best brand new trucks and equipment.  One big indicator of a companies health is advertising.  The trucking companies that spend the most money getting the word out about their service are doing it because they can afford to.  The Fly by night trucking companies “do the best they can”, unfortunately that ain’t good enough when you’re the one with the bills to pay.

“Why work for a fly by night operation when the Top Trucking companies are hiring?


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How’s your history?

If you have a checkered past you will come out much better if

you admit it up front.  Most people have made mistakes in the past so there is no reason to feel MORE shame it is what it is.  It’s just life, the best thing you can do is turn a negative into a positive by telling your prospective employer upfront about your past.  The impression this will make is one of honesty and integrity instead of coming off like someone trying to hide something.  However, if you have ever done anything criminal in a commercial vehicle you can forget about it, no way you’ll get an offer from the top companies.  Your best bet is to look for a local company and disclose your idiotic past up front.

My favorite trucking companies.

Here are the companies that I have heard the most about recently.  The things that impress me the most are lifestyle and compensation.  Real truckers don’t need to be taken care of so I don’t know why companies offer this.  All you need if you are a professional truck driver is a fair rate to move your truck and plenty of freight.  That’s it that’s all.  A professional truck driver can take care of the rest.  Here’s the list of my favorite trucking companies:




Help me warn people about the worst companies [Parasites]:

Send in your reports of companies that tried to rip you off. You know, nickel and dime you over fees with the truck or just straight up commit crimes and ask you to look the other way.  The things that some of these companies do is crazy.  You have to do your research before you get took.  Its sad that some companies make it their mission to try and steal from drivers.  They are the parasite companies.

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