What is your favorite Commercial Truck?

If you could have any of the best big rigs out there which one would you choose?  This is not an easy thing to consider when you look at the quality trucks that are available these days.  As a commercial truck driver your livelihood is your truck so its important to get one you really like.  The trucks in the movies above are very expensive and brand new but they are designed to make money so it really is an investment not just a blank expense like a Maserati or a fancy corvette.  Both loose value immediately after purchase.  Its even better than those jacked up trucks that the good ole boys ride around in, commercial trucks are like tools to a carpenter.  They are designed to make something happen, the cool thing is they do it in style.

Day Cab Trucks

Perfect for local trucking or regional dedicated hauls this is the way to go for many truckers.  The day cab is an excellent benefit because of the weight.  The truck can deliver much more product for customers because the truck weighs a substantial amount less than trucks with sleepers.  The day cab trucks are also shorter so they can get in and out of tight spaces easier,  further improving the performance of this model.  Another benefit is the day cab trucks are less expensive so you won’t need as many green backs, I’m sorry FEDERAL RESERVE notes to buy one.

Full Size Sleeper Trucks

Personally I recommend always getting a full size sleeper truck if you can.  The reason why is that you can’t benefit from what you don’t have.  I have found in my experience plenty of times where you are delayed several hours and  have nothing else to do but sit in your truck.  The more space you have the better.  I can sit in my cab and watch tv eat lunch or even take a short nap.  You really will have a difficult time doing this in a day cab.  Also, if nature calls and your not in a perfect location you can handle this in your sleeper, try this in a day cab.



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