Why women find success with a Truck License

I have notice women driving trucks in all situations all over the world.  There are two very popular trucking tv shows one called Ice Road Truckers where the star is Lisa Kelly in my book.  This women is a crazy person.  Anyone willing to drive a flatbed truck across a frozen road in sub zero temperatures is insane.  I have seen her change the chains on truck tires, strap down loads and get the job done in the worst conditions imaginable.  I take my hat off to you lisa your are the women.

If that’s not enough for you then Imagine riding around a mountain with a top heavy load that wants to tip you over the side and deal with crazy motorcycles and pedestrians all over the place in India.  Lisa proved that a women can deal with the most insane situations as a professional truck driver.  So lay to rest the idea of what a women can do or should be able to do in trucking.

I also have to give a big shout out to Joy Craft from swamp loggers.  She hauls heavy over weight loads everyday in some crazy situations transporting rough timber logs day in and day out.  This is no light weight job and Joy proves that she is built for the challenge everyday.

I don’t think trucking is for the Kim Kardasian types though.  Kim is a businesswomen so she wouldn’t serve best as a driver but she could start a trucking company like PAM transport and make a ton of money. I don’t know that PAM is a women owned business but it does sound like it is, let me know if I’m right or not.

Women bring to the table a whole new perspective that men don’t.  Women tend to pay more attention to details and usually are more precautions by nature.  There could be some exceptions but in my experience it is always clear.  Police officers will tell you that they ask women first for descriptions because men don’t pay attention to stuff like what color someone’s shoes are.  In trucking the details are very important, overlooking procedures and processes designed for safety can be costly.  Loss of life or property damage can result from skipping important steps.

Women have been through life too and just like the guys they get tired of stupid managers and their antics.  They want to get some breathing room between themselves and the micro managers too.  This is a main draw for women.  I used to deliver at the port and I met a female trucker who found a niche with refrigerated trailers.  She would pull reefer trailers to and from a chicken plant 4 days a week and spend the rest of the time on a boat fishing.  Its the life people you better get playing before its too late.

Women are good at finding stuff.  This is also why they find success in trucking.  You have to look.  Its no more difficult than that you have to apply yourself and put yourself in position to excel when an opportunity presents itself.  In my opinion women do a great job at this what do you think?



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